19-20 April 2018

15Hatfields, London

Professional coaching masterclass

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Session duration:
90 minutes

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Roy Marriott

Marriott Coaching

About this Hands-On

Professional coaching is a way to help people find their own ways forward with difficult problems. That helps them to develop, and allows you to be supportive without taking on extra work. It’s also really satisfying - you get to see people make progress and develop, knowing you played a part.

In this workshop you’ll learn a simple version of Solutions Focused coaching, see it in action with a live demonstration, and put it into practice yourself. (You’ll also have the chance to receive coaching, to make progress with a pressing issue of your choice!)

So how will the workshop run?

  • I’ll give you an introduction to the OSKAR model of Solutions Focused coaching (Outcome, Scaling, Know-how, Affirm, Action, Review/Retrospective)
  • I’ll give a 20-minute demonstration of OSKAR in action - so you get to see how it compares to other models of coaching you’re more familiar with
  • then you’ll pair up and try it for yourself: I’ll give you a simplified version of the OSKAR model so you can just read the questions out at see what effect they have (of course, if you take up this method you’ll find your own ways of putting things - but that’s a bit ambitious for a 90-minute workshop!)
  • we’ll finish by looking at how to apply what you’ve learnt - in quick corridor conversations, in 1:1s, in retrospectives and other team meetings, and across large scale organisations

You’ll learn, practice and develop skills in the following areas:

  • listening in a way that helps generate progress
  • developing clear aims
  • getting away from 'all or nothing' thinking - to help make progress easier
  • building confidence and motivation
  • drawing out resources that generate possibilities for progress
  • providing positive feedback in a relevant and non-cheesy way
  • generating easy, positive and practical action that can be taken immediately

You’ll get a full set of handouts, to help you start using the approach with your own team(s).

Note on the Solutions Focus (SF) approach

Solutions Focus is highly aligned with agile. Alistair Cockburn incorporates it into his 'Heart of Agile' work, and it relates closely to the Agile Manifesto:

  1. SF is all about people and interactions - helping people interact in ways that generate progress more quickly, easily and enjoyably.
  2. SF generates 'small steps' - practical ways forward which are then compared with the intended direction of travel, before iterating. So it’s a 'short deployment cycle' model of coaching.
  3. Solutions are generated collaboratively between the coach and coachee.
  4. SF assumes we’re working in a complex, uncertain and unpredictable world - so the methods very much value responding to change over following a plan.

About the Speaker

Roy Marriott is a leadership coach with a background in software engineering. While studying Computer Science at Cambridge University he did contract work for BBC, Acorn and Phillips, and was then sponsored by BT. After graduation he did 7 years of research for Hewlett Packard in their European Research Labs.

Roy has been using Solutions Focus coaching methods since 1992, and training managers to use SF coaching with their teams since 2005. He has developed a number of Solutions Focus training models, such as “iFLOW” Time Mastery and “R4” Delegation, which are in use around the world.

Roy regularly delivers workshops at international conferences on Solutions Focus and coaching. He has coached and trained leaders and coaches from organisations such as BT, Microsoft, PwC, Nestle, the European Space Agency, the Nationwide Building Society, National Australia Bank, Bupa, Meridian Bioscience, Sheffield University and many others around the UK and northern Europe.


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