19-20 April 2018

15Hatfields, London

The designer's dilemma: how to be a good agent of change

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Basak Haznedaroglu


About this Case Study

This session is about taking creative risks. We explore how our brains react to risk, courage, agile processes - and then we dive into our biases, perceptions and continue with how we can drive good products as designers, product managers, software engineers and entrepreneurs.

We discuss practical guidelines to achieve long-term remarkability and build lovable products that evoke trust and serve the right business goals.

The session divides this discussion into 3 sections: How to be a good agent of change as a 1) company, 2) design team and 3) designer.

For a company, here is the outline that is supported by theory, practice and examples of product execution:

  1. Build with intention.
  2. Get your priorities right. Speak for your users, grow empathy for them. Step up and be their voice.
  3. Kill your creativity bias and embrace out of the box thinking.
  4. Champion people, not just technology.

Design teams also have a big responsibility on their shoulders to take risks and do the right thing for their users. To be able to get there and drive meaningful change in people’s lives, they should follow these practical tips:

  1. Design for trust.
  2. Put the human back in the software and speak human.
  3. Be the boss, own your discipline and advocate for design and your users.
  4. Know when to be tactical and plan how to use your time and energy strategically.

And finally, as individual designers, we should all work towards how to be that change that we want to see in our industry. Here is the outline:

  1. Design for your curiosity. Don’t forget your curiosity starts with whether you are curious or not.
  2. Design every detail, because every detail matters.
  3. Science the sh*t out of everything be a true craftsman/scientist/alchemist that creates wonders in human life.
  4. Grow a thick skin and learn how to stay resilient and strong.

About the Speaker

Basak is a multi-disciplinary thinker, educator, designer and mentor for several start-ups across the globe. Currently a Director of Design at InVision, and previously at Microsoft and Foursquare, she explores the relationship between media, technology and the human element. She is a huge believer in how design, code and storytelling can synthesise into meaningful and intuitive products and services.

She has crafted digital experiences for global brands, organisations, and tech companies such as Puma, Red Cross and LG electronics. When not designing interfaces, she travels, takes pictures and experiments with creative writing.


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