19-20 April 2018

15Hatfields, London

Keeping it clean in agile teams

Session type:

Session duration:
60 minutes

Presented by:

Richard Blake

Government Digital Service

About this Tutorial

As a servant leader I want to help an agile team understand a complex problem so that they can do their best thinking to build software that users need.

In this hands-on tutorial you will learn how to use active listening and clean language to help others understand a problem, then consider the best outcome.

Great teams explore problems openly together. People don't need you to have the idea - they need you to help discover it.

This tutorial is for:

  • scrum masters, delivery managers and servant leaders looking to master their role and add to their servant leadership toolkit
  • facilitators interested in how language can affect their sessions
  • researchers interested in powerful questions
  • leaders looking to understand a problem and motivate people to achieve outcomes
  • anyone stuck thinking about a problem and not knowing what to do

Key messages

  • remove yourself from a problem and facilitate a conversation
  • find out how to consider problems and turn them into the best outcome
  • motivate people by helping them imagine the steps needed to achieve the best outcome

The interesting bits

  • the session is interactive and has tonnes of 1:1 partner work and live demonstrations: you'll meet people, and find out a bit about their lives - great for networking at a conference
  • practically demonstrating why it works: you will walk out of the session having learnt something about a problem you have
  • an honest story about my personal vulnerability working with some of the brightest people doing digital in government

About the Speaker

Rich is a servant leader working with a multidisciplinary team on the Digital Marketplace.

His role at the Government Digital Service (GDS) is to create an environment for high-performing teams, helping them to deliver software in the procurement problem space.

He brings experience building and tweaking amazing teams in charities, central and local government to deliver products that meet the most important needs of their users.

As a delivery manager, Rich aims to:

  • put users first so that products work for them in their context, first time
  • coach teams and individuals to be at their best

Rich has has become known for clean language in his delivery community and has helped to set up and run a rebooted coaching group at GDS.

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