19-20 April 2018

15Hatfields, London

The journey from inflicting agile to co-creating enterprise agility

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Jenny Wood


About this Case Study

Agile is often seen as being evangelised by the technology shop - and frequently, technology teams struggle with business engagement. The other key blocker is usually the investment and controls process. At RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) we are embarking on a whole-organisation change facing towards our customers and colleagues. Come and hear our journey and what we have learnt.

This session will:

  • review RBS’ multi-year history of attempting to introduce agile
  • assess the key success and failure factors of those approaches
  • introduce the current approach, and outline the key factors in its securing organisational sponsorship to become more deeply embedded
  • describe the challenges and working assumptions in the organisational environment beyond technology that dampen transformation
  • illustrate the unexpected opportunities in the organisational environment that accelerate the change momentum

About the Speaker

Jenny joined RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) in 2016 as Head of Performance & Business Management in Technology. Prior to joining RBS, she was Director of Simplicity at Telstra Corporation.

Jenny has a diverse background of executive experience, ranging from customer services and HR through to significant project/programme management and agile transformation. Her passion at work is removing the constraints that inhibit teams from succeeding.

Having worked at big companies and small ones, she understands that unique blend of focusing to deliver an innovative large-scale experience whilst ensuring every step forward creates value and is worth taking.

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