19-20 April 2018

15Hatfields, London

Liftoff your project to a trajectory of success

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90 minutes

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Lynne Johnson

Zuhlke Engineering Ltd

Susan Engel

Zuhlke Engineering Ltd

About this Workshop

Lifting off a project with agile chartering provides everyone with a common understanding and co-ownership from the outset. If a team doesn’t have a common understanding about the purpose of what you are about to spend however many months on creating, or alignment on how you will be working together, or the context of where the product fits in the bigger scheme of things, then you are going to spend a lot of time building stuff that won’t be right.

Project chartering is as old as project management. It’s a pattern that has been used successfully for projects whether they are agile or not. Some project leads talk at you with a boring slide deck and then, thank you very much, off you go and write some code.

Afterwards, you find that everyone has a different interpretation of what has been presented during the meeting. Moreover, many agile projects often don’t have a charter at all. Too many teams are using retrospectives to repair misunderstandings. Effective team chartering can avert misunderstandings from the start and set the right ground for your team to succeed.

This session begins with an overview of the 3 dimensions of agile chartering that were introduced in the book Liftoff by Diana Larson and Ainsey Neis; purpose for inspiration, alignment for team collaboration and context for the project dynamics.

For the remainder of the session, participants will take part in a hands-on workshop that follows the structure of a day-long agile chartering liftoff meeting, helping them to put into practice what they just learned.

The workshop is designed to follow the normal flow of an agile chartering meeting, but a much shorter version in order to fit into the canvas of a conference, so we've called it ‘Agile Chartering Express’. It explores in detail the 3 dimensions of agile chartering.

Liftoff with agile chartering is for everyone, bringing together business and technical people to create an initial project charter. And overall, the important thing to remember is that it is not about the charter, it’s about the chartering process. It’s about living it. By the end of the workshop you will understand how important agile chartering is to the successful outcome of your project.

About the Speakers

Lynne Johnson

Lynne is Head of the Consultancy and Web Technologies Competence Unit at Zuhlke Engineering UK. She was born in Seattle, Washington, USA, was an 80’s model in Europe, a fashion label owner and hotelier. She had a software engineering education in the 90s in London, and is an agile evangelist and eco warrior.


Susan Engel

Senior UX and Innovation Consultant at Zuhlke Engineering. Specialising in discovery and product strategy Born in Poland, graduated in Biotechnology, experienced product designer and UX consultant, passionate about delivering great products and innovation.


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