07 - 09 November 2018

M Shed, Bristol

Session type:

Session duration:
90 minutes

Presented by:

Olaf Lewitz

TrustTemenos Leadership Academy

Ken Power

Cisco Systems, Inc.

About this Workshop

Increasing complexity invites us to work more and more with less certainty: our objectives may be unknown when we start or even stay unknowable while we go. Frequently, our list of notable unknowns is longer than the list of what we know.

What we do know is that we are working with people and that what we create is based on how we relate. Helping people to see, imagine and experience a new level of relationship at work is critical to achieving breakthrough change. That’s our leadership as facilitators: we relate in ways that are unknown or even scary to others. We serve them by being examples of how we relate to each other, to them, to the outcomes - and the world.

Co-facilitation is a relationship building process. We are leading people into stronger and more intentional relationships, being able to work more effectively with unknown or unknowable objectives.

Join Ken and Olaf to explore and understand how this works - and devise how you want to make it work for your organisation.

Learning outcomes - you will:

  • reframe facilitation as a leadership tool, and understand the impact that has on how you show up
  • understand how multiple relationships are always present in group facilitation, and the effect each has on the system
  • understand the different types of objectives that a group may need to work towards, and how these objectives are shaped by the relationships in the system
  • explore and understand how facilitation can move beyond process when focusing on relationships
  • illustrate and analyse how your relationship habits lead people into new ways of relating to each other and the world
  • gain ideas for how to apply facilitation as a leadership tool in your work

About the Speakers

Olaf Lewitz

As Trust Artist and CEC, Olaf is a leader in the international agile community. He has helped hundreds of individuals and organisations to transform. His speciality: making sense of leadership. His strategy: increasing trust and responsibility through invitation and clarity.

Olaf and Christine Neidhardt founded TrustTemenos Leadership Academy. They work with leaders, increasing their clarity of identity and intent, and help growing organisations where people want to show up and grow. In 2016 they published a workbook for leaders: Showing Up.

Let’s trust ourselves and others. Olaf believes you deserve to love what you do.


Ken Power

Ken is a principal engineer with Cisco Systems, where he works with teams and organisations around the world. His work and research interests include software and systems architecture, agility, lean thinking, flow, complex adaptive systems, organisation effectiveness and software engineering management. He is a frequent speaker on these topics at major international agile, lean and software engineering conferences.

Ken is a fellow of the Lean Systems Society. His PhD research is in the application of flow-based software development and complex adaptive systems to software teams and organisations. He has published numerous papers on agile, lean and software engineering, and has also won the IEEE Software best paper award.


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