07 - 09 November 2018

M Shed, Bristol

Session type:

Session duration:
90 minutes

Presented by:

Roy Marriott

Marriott Coaching

About this Workshop

According to Google research, psychological safety is the fundamental factor in high team performance.

Solutions Focus is an agile approach to coaching, facilitation, training and transformation. It includes 6 tools and 6 principles, each of which contributes to psychological safety.

In this workshop you’ll experience Solutions Focused Coaching cultivating psychological safety: watch a live demo, try it out yourself and take away practical skills you can put into action right away.

This workshop includes:

  • Solutions Focused warm-up: "of all the things you're doing at work at the moment, which are you most pleased with?"
  • psychological safety - the key to the high performing team (Google research)
  • overview of the Solutions Focused paradigm
  • experience the difference between Solutions Focus and a more conventional approach, on a live topic for you
  • 6 Solutions Focused tools and 6 Solutions Focused principles
  • live demonstration of Solutions Focus in action
  • try out Solutions Focused coaching yourself (if there's time)
  • at least one Solutions Focus technique that you can take away and use immediately

About the Speaker

Roy Marriott is a leadership coach with a background in software engineering. While studying computer science at Cambridge University, he did contract work for BBC, Acorn and Phillips, and was then sponsored by BT. After graduation, he did 7 years of research for Hewlett Packard in their European Research Labs.

Roy has been using Solutions Focus coaching methods since 1992, and training managers to use these techniques with their teams since 2005. He has developed a number of Solutions Focus training models, such as “iFLOW” Time Mastery and “R4” Delegation, which are in use around the world.

Roy regularly delivers workshops at international conferences on Solutions Focus and coaching.

Roy has coached and trained leaders and coaches from organisations such as BT, Microsoft, PwC, Nestle, the European Space Agency, the Nationwide Building Society, National Australia Bank, Bupa, Meridian Bioscience, Sheffield University and many others around the UK and northern Europe.


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