07 - 09 November 2018

M Shed, Bristol

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Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Jesmond Allen

Freelance UX Consultant

About this Tutorial

Task models are a simple, yet incredibly powerful, design tool. They help us to record user needs in a way that the whole team can work with, all the way from discovery to deployment and beyond. In the UX community, task models have been somewhat eclipsed by experience maps and service blueprints of late. I’m all for a juicy mapping exercise when I’m helping an organisation make strategic decisions. But what if the job at hand is the result of all that strategising: designing a website or an Alexa skill, say?

I’ll talk about getting started with task modelling, and how a task model can influence design. I’ll include practical examples from the world of e-commerce and look at some common interface problems that can be attributed to poor task modelling. I’ll also look at the psychology behind task models and show why they matter so much to designing effective services and interaction flows.

My aim is to empower multi-disciplinary teams to make user-centred product decisions whether or not their UXer is in the room.

About the Speaker

Jesmond is a skilled design team leader and UX expert, who has worked in digital design since 1995. She is a freelance user experience consultant, helping clients shape their digital strategy and build design teams.

Previously, she was at internationally-renowned design consultancy cxpartners. In her 11 years there, she moved from user experience practitioner to Head of UX. Jesmond is co-author of the practical UX manual, Smashing UX Design: foundations for designing online user experiences. She has a passion for evidence-based design and loves the innovation and excellence that putting people at the heart of the design process produces.


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