07 - 09 November 2018

M Shed, Bristol

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Lee Winder

Financial Services

About this Case Study

Values are often defined by the upper echelons of an organisation's leadership structure. But that doesn't mean groups can't define their own values, and values they wish to hold, that influence their culture and that of the organisation as a whole.

This session will walk through the process in which teams and groups can define their own values, and their own stories, which both directly influence the culture and behaviour of the team and the groups they interact with.

We will begin with an overview of culture and how positive and negative culture can drastically impact the direction of the team and the quality of the work being produced. We'll see how culture can form implicitly through negative actions or explicitly through focused and positive direction.

From there, we will focus on how values can start to be defined using keywords that describe both current and future behaviour, putting them into specific groups and discarding those that don’t describe either where we are or where we want to be.

Allowing independent groups to then define their own behavioural values, and collaborating with other groups to narrow them down to a key number, allows the behaviours to be defined for a whole organisation.

We then look at defining stories around those values, describing how we embody those we have now and how we want to embody those in the future. These stories are then refined within teams and eventually communicated outwards within the company and the organisation.

We finally look at how those values then allow us to shape the culture we want and the culture we need.

About the Speaker

A seasoned developer, manager and leader, Lee has worked in the technology industry for over 20 years, from the entertainment to financial sectors. Having led teams of all sizes, he has a deep understanding of the impact of engagement, culture and community when it comes to developing teams and products over the course of weeks, months and years.

On Managing Game Development, he writes about the impact management can have on existing and future leaders and on the creation of culture within organisations of all sizes.


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