07 - 09 November 2018

M Shed, Bristol

Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Gary Fleming

Emphasis Parenthesis Ltd

About this Case Study

At this point in agile's lifecycle, many teams have switched to using a kanban board. Some are simple, 3-column trackers; others are considerably more involved. Yet many teams don't know how to stop for a moment and *listen* to their board. It's gently trying to nudge them about the changes that it needs to make them a better team. Come along and learn how we can go from simple to just complicated enough, smoothly.

In a new team, we started with a 3-column standard to something that fits us perfectly. Our board won't work for you, but by learning how, when and why we made our changes, you can make a board that works perfectly for your team too. See the patterns and anti-patterns; listen to the change that your board is crying out for ... and enjoy the results.

About the Speaker

As an agile coach focusing on technical practices and software crafting, Gary Fleming tries to help teams fill the gaps they have when it's time to do the work. Sometimes that means helping development teams better their testing practices, increasing their communication, or learning how to do reliable, well-structured, well-tested, continuous delivery many times per day.


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