07 - 09 November 2018

M Shed, Bristol

Session type:

Session duration:
60 minutes

Presented by:

Cat Swetel


About this Keynote

When you ask colleagues, “What are you working on right now?” you will receive a wide array of answers: from addressing a short-term tactical issue to enabling a company-wide pivot. Despite prolific use of the phrase, “right now” does not have a common definition and is not a standard unit of measure for time.

That widely varying concept of what constitutes the present is of critical importance when designing organizational change. This session suggests principles for transitioning from the emotionally fraught implementation of discrete transformations to a culture of continuous, coherent, value-informed change at every level.

About the Speaker

Cat has experience applying agile and lean principles in a variety of settings: from start-ups to large enterprises, warehouses to web. She is passionate about increasing diversity in tech. In her leisure time, Cat enjoys making jokes about Bitcoin, hiking and reading feminist literature.


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