07 - 09 November 2018

M Shed, Bristol

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45 minutes

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About this Workshop

Learn by Doing sessions enable you to learn a facilitation technique and use it with real topics straight away.

They encourage you to test new methods and discuss things in a safe space with a group of fellow enthusiasts.

The techniques introduced will vary - they are volunteered and voted for by you and your fellow participants. There is no obligation to facilitate - it’s fine to come along solely to participate and experience the technique.

During the session, a technique is introduced. Typically there will be an explanation of purpose, application and how to master it as a facilitator. Then we’ll try the technique for real using topics and issues that matter to the group.

People who’ve already tried the technique will be able to contribute, letting you learn new tips and tricks and see it from different perspectives.

Imagine we’re introducing a technique called ‘Brizzle Banter’. The host will explain it, how it works and why they like it. Then, everyone in the group gives it a go: the host, or a volunteer, will run a real ‘Brizzle Banter’ session, with people in the room raising real topics.

Look out for posters at the venue for instructions on how to propose a technique.

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