07 - 09 November 2018

M Shed, Bristol

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Session duration:
90 minutes

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Ben Linders

Ben Linders Consulting

About this Workshop

Agile retrospectives should help teams to reflect at the end of each iteration to learn and decide what to improve and take action in the next iteration.

Valuable agile retrospectives provide the solution for a successful agile adoption at all levels in the organisation. They help teams to reflect and learn how to apply agile practices effectively, and support managers with ideas to set conditions for their teams to grow and deliver more value.

But sometimes retrospectives don't live up to expectations. Problems that can happen are:

  • the same actions keep coming up in every retrospective
  • nothing happens after the meeting, actions are not done
  • people are postponing or skipping the retrospective meeting
  • team members complain that retrospectives are boring and a waste of time
  • there's a lack of energy in the room during the meeting; people are not engaged
  • people don't feel safe to speak up and share their views
  • discussions in the retrospective are not about the real problems (elephant in the room)
  • the retrospective facilitator is leading people towards a pre-defined answer/solution
In this mini-workshop, you will experience how to use retrospective exercises to debug your retrospective meetings. People will work in teams to reflect how their retrospectives are going and will learn what they can do to make them valuable again.

It's a highly interactive session, learning by doing. I'll bring in my experience from 18 years of doing agile retrospectives, and will set a culture where people will share their ideas and learn.

Benefits for participants:
  • learn to use exercises to reflect on your current practice of retrospectives
  • see how to create a safe and productive environment to run retrospectives
  • practise effective skills for facilitating retrospectives and getting people engaged
Intended audience: scrum masters, agile coaches, tech leads and anyone who facilitates retrospectives.

This session includes ideas published in my book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives and practices from the Retrospective Exercises Toolbox.

About the Speaker

Ben Linders is an independent consultant in agile, lean, quality and continuous improvement, based in the Netherlands. He is the author of Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives, What Drives Quality and Continuous Improvement. He's also the creator of the Agile Self-Assessment Game.

As an adviser, coach and trainer, he helps organisations to deploy effective software development and management practices. He focuses on continuous improvement, collaboration and communication - and professional development - to deliver business value to customers.

Ben is an active member of agile, lean and quality networks, and a well-known speaker and author. He shares his experiences in a bilingual blog (Dutch and English), as an editor for Culture and Methods at InfoQ and as an expert in communities like Computable, Quora, DZone and TechTarget.


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