The product owner is an agile anti-pattern

15–16th June 2017
at etc.venues St Paul's

A 60 minute Tutorial by:

John Le Drew

Wise Noodles

About this Tutorial

While business knowledge and domain expertise is useful and essential, is this only achievable with a 'single wringable neck'? What would happen if the whole team could be encouraged to take ownership of product direction?

This session looks at how we have often created dysfunctional relationships with our product owners through both the way we collaborate (or don't) with them and the language we use to talk about the role itself.

We will discuss questions like:

  • is having a product owner an anti-pattern?
  • why do we discourage 'hero' developers but encourage 'hero' product owners?
  • do product owners make it hard to have a sustainable pace?
  • can the whole team engage in product ownership?
  • what can you do to support your PO?

You'll learn:

  • about the role of the product owner in an agile team
  • about the dangers of language like 'one wringable neck'
  • how teams can support their product owner and share the role
  • how to make the role of product owner collaborative

About the Speaker

John has over 17 years of experience working in software engineering as a system administrator, software engineer, technical lead, technical director, development manager and agile coach. He currently runs the consultancy firm Wise Noodles, here he helps organisations solve tough technical problems by untangling their people problems. He is also host of The Agile Path Podcast, which creates in-depth audio documentaries on the topics that most affect organisations transitioning to agile ways of working.


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