We sucked at making decisions. Here's what we know now

15–16th June 2017
at etc.venues St Paul's

A 60 minute Case Study by:

Tom Smith


Maria Scrivener

Redgate Software Ltd

About this Case Study

You might think you have a good system for making decisions. Maybe you flip a coin, or make a list of pros and cons. These systems might look like they're working well, but they force you into a binary choice.

In this session we'll look at a better system for making decisions. Why are your questions limiting your choices, and why will changing them give you more choice? When you have lots of options, how can you make an informed decision? What more can you do to give your decision the best chance of succeeding?

Make smarter decisions - and use that coin you were going to flip for beer or ice cream!

About the Speakers

Tom Smith

Tom Smith has been a software engineer for 4 years, working with several teams across a range of products. He’s interested in helping people do the best work they can, using his decision making, coaching and facilitation skills.


Maria Scrivener

After starting her career in software development, Maria Scrivener has now taken on the challenge of agile coaching. Her aim? To make it easier for teams to do the good thing, not harder to do the bad thing. All of which takes communication, communication - and more communication. She's keen on lean, she hates process for the sake of process, and she loves good software practice. Oh, and she has no desire to ever tweet anything - she prefers communicating face to face.

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