Improving predictability by managing flow

15–16th June 2017
at etc.venues St Paul's

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Peter Pito

Deloitte Digital

Slides from session

The slides used for this session are available to download from here.

About this Case Study

"When will it be done?" is likely one of the first questions you'll be asked when you engage in building software. It's a question that will be asked throughout the lifecycle of the project.

If you are like most of us, you'll get it wrong more often than you'll get it right. But you are going to spend a lot of time working out an answer. You'd prefer to live in a world where answering this question isn't necessary, but your clients will insist on an answer.

What if there was an alternative? What if you could provide a more accurate answer without even estimating? Running a process based on measurement and observation - as opposed to estimation and planning - can provide you with exactly that.

This session introduces practical steps to show how measuring simple metrics such as work in progress, cycle times, throughput, monitoring ageing items and focusing on just-in-time commitments allows you to build predictable systems. In a predictable system, ""when will it be done?"" becomes a much easier question to answer.

About the Speaker

Peter Pito is a technical lead at Deloitte Digital with 20 years' experience designing and delivering software products.

He has worked as a software developer, consultant and managing director across a wide variety of domains and technologies. His focus is on helping software teams deliver high quality software predictably.


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