From running agile to being agile: How IT departments are the change makers of their organisations

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Laura-Jane Parker


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About this Case Study

Many organisations claim to “be agile” but what they can mean is they have an agile project or programme team, probably in IT, that has a kanban board and daily standups.

As agile practitioners know, there's a big difference between undertaking agile practices to run an agile project, and adopting the mindset and cultural attributes required to truly BE agile. Many organisations are now realising agile has applications beyond single transformation programmes.

At a time when volatile market conditions demand new organisational structures and ways of working that allow the business to adapt and thrive, agile practitioners are perfectly primed to become the change makers of their organisation - influencing change beyond finite programmes to become beacons of the future of work.

In this session Laura-Jane Parker (Post*Shift) will explore three questions:

  1. What are the differences between doing agile and being agile?
    We will identify the differences between agile practices and an agile mindset and behaviour, and look at real-world examples of organisations (including Bosch, Spotify & Haier) that have attempted put this into practice.
  2. How can an agile practitioner start to influence change?
    We will examine the traditional relationship between IT departments and the wider business, and discuss practical tools and techniques participants can use to start to guide the wider organisation towards new ways of working. We will also look at example steps that can be taken to put these into practice.
  3. How can agile practitioners maintain their focus and overcome obstacles?
    The role of any change agent can be a lonely one. In the final section, we will share proven ideas for maintaining momentum and enthusiasm, and creating networks with the organisation. We will also take experiences from participants.

About the Speaker

Laura-Jane Parker (known s LJ) is a consultant at Post*Shift. She has a fundamental belief that organisations need to change the way they operate to survive in the 21st century, in order to better serve their customers, their employees and their wider communities. She also believes organisations can change - helped in no small part due to the rise of digital technology. Seeing this it happen first hand ignited a passion for continuing to help them to do so.

Specialising in people and culture transformation, organisational change and new ways of working, and social platform implementation, adoption, engagement and strategy, LJ also has six years of experience managing change within a large financial services organisation - four of these on a major brand, culture and digital transformation programme.


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