The science of what makes us tick

A 60 minute Tutorial by:

Alan Furlong

Sherpa People Systems

Matt Roadnight

Sherpa People Systems

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About this Tutorial

In this interactive, fact-based and entertaining session. Alan Furlong and Matt Roadnight (Sherpa People Systems) will explain the tectonic shifts that are occurring in the workplace today, why agile is at the leading edge of that change - and as a consequence, why our personal, professional and leadership toolkits are outdated and need an upgrade.

They will share fascinating research and case studies - from positive psychology, neuroscience, social science, systems thinking and other disciplines - that ultimately create an “a-ha!” moment for anyone who has been struggling personally or with people issues.

Alan and Matt will:

  • reveal the ‘flawed operating model’ - why much of what we do makes us more stressed, less fulfilled and less productive - and the six principles of a 'flourishing operating model'
  • teach you to learn what makes people tick, and how to apply that in to your daily life at an individual, leadership and team level
  • share why our motivation toolkit is outdated and how to transform it so people self-motivate
  • explain why agile is at the sharp end of the greatest change in workplace practices since the industrial revolution, if you get the ‘people piece’ right
  • share five simple techniques to maintain your energy and productivity every day
  • help you to understand what being a 'servant leader' really entails (and it might surprise you)
  • explain the key to successful change, based on the science of habits and behavioural psychology

"We live in an era in which neuroscientists are teaching us about the malleability of our brain and the emotionally contagious nature of our workplace... we're all human, it's the most important, neglected fact in business." Chip Conley, former Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy, Airbnb.

About the Speakers

Alan Furlong

Alan Furlong (MBA, BA Hons, Cert Pos Psych) has built two successful businesses from scratch and at the same time trained and coached the science of Human Flourishing since 2012. He is co-founder of Sherpa People Systems. Previously he was head of HR for around 2,000 front office staff for Australia’s largest bank, handling the people strategies and challenges for major projects up to a value of AU$750 million.

Alan is accredited in Positive Psychology, having studied with Tal Ben Shahar from Harvard University. He is one of only 40 people worldwide to have been accepted at the prestigious Pennsylvania University to study for a masters in Applied Positive Psychology, and he is a regular contributor to, Arianna Huffington's new online business.

Alan has been presenting professionally since 2009. He has shared the bill with figures such as Sir Richard Branson, Time Ferris (author of The 4-Hour Work Week) and Ruslan Kogan (tech entrepreneur).

Matt Roadnight

Matt has over 20 years' experience coaching and training high-performing teams, working with organisations to transform their processes, improve quality and slash delivery times. He has been an agile coach and a Scrum Alliance trainer for over 10 years. These experiences led him to explore how greater engagement of individuals, bringing meaning and purpose to the workplace can significantly improve performance and outcomes. He is a co-founder of Sherpa People Systems.

2016 saw Matt re-energise his public speaking after spending almost three years exploring individual and collective change, seeking influences from outside the agile sphere. He has been actively connecting with people from a personal/executive coaching background, relationship coaches, and individuals who have expertise in Positive Psychology. 2017 has seen him kick off a Systems Thinking series of talks, three of which were recently well received at Barclays Agile Fest.

Matt and Alan share a simple philosophy: "Better people, better performance, better results."

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