Example mapping in the wild

A 60 minute Case Study by:

Ceri Shaw


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The slides used for this session are available to download here.

About this Case Study

We all know that user stories are a placeholder for a conversation. Example mapping, developed by Matt Wynne, is a way to structure that conversation in a way that is short, focused and feels really productive.

In this case study Ceri Shaw shares how she and her team have applied example mapping to their work at FreeAgent, how it has improved planning meetings and meant that they can be much more confident they're developing the right thing. She also covers some of the times it hasn't worked so well.

The session will:

  • explain how example mapping works in practice, where it fits into the agile process, how we mange it and keep track of the outcomes. Also how it enhances testing and acceptance of the finished feature
  • run through a real sprint where they used example mapping (with photos!) from planning to deployment
  • examine the user story checklist and see how this has enhanced the process
  • talk about how this fits in with the definition of done

About the Speaker

Ceri Shaw has been developing software for almost 15 years in a variety of languages from C++ to Ruby. She is currently a team lead at FreeAgent where she leads the workflow team in developing new features for our cloud-based accounting software. She loves the challenge of figuring out how to develop the right software and much to her own surprise really enjoys being a technical manager as well.


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