How do you map your story?

A 90 minute Workshop by:

Lynne Johnson

Zuhlke Engineering Ltd

Davide Aldrovandi

Zuhlke Engineering Ltd

About this Workshop

'User Story Mapping'' Jeff Patton's book, has been out since 2014. It allowed us all to get inside the head of the man who coined the phrase "story mapping".

This workshop uses one nifty element of the book: completing the "getting out of bed and off to work" exercise, sometimes known as The Now Game.

Lynne Johnson (Zuhlke Engineering) takes participants through the exercise of writing down everything they did from the moment they woke up until they went off to work. The process is designed to help teams learn how to create Story Maps for products.

The workshop dives deeper into The Now Game to learn all the aspects of user story mapping. The workshop includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Building your personal ‘now’ map
  3. Breaking into groups to merge the ‘now’ maps
  4. Walking the activity backbone
  5. The altitude metaphor
  6. Writing real stories (and not being a template zombie)
  7. The ‘what if’ game - slicing the map to create product releases
  8. Minimise output to maximise outcome - how products change the world

No matter what experience you have in product development or story mapping, this workshop is for you. By the end of the session you will have a clear understanding of the different types of user tasks, user personas, product release planning and how to write better stories.

For those with no story mapping experience, you will realise that you already knew how to story map and have everything you need to build your own product maps.

For those of you with story mapping experience you will understand how The Now Game can fast-track your story mapping sessions. Most importantly, you will learn how story mapping helps teams to understand their users, have a common understanding of what a product needs to do, and what they collectively need to do in order to build the right product.

About the Speakers

Lynne Johnson

Lynne Johnson heads the consultancy and web technologies competence unit at Zuhlke Engineering UK. She is also an agile coach. Born in Seattle Washington USA, Lynne was a model in Europe in the '80s, a fashion label owner and a hotelier. In the '90s she moved into software engineering in London - she's now an agile evangelist and self-proclaimed eco-warrior.


Davide Aldrovandi

Davide Aldrovandi is agile project manager at Zuhlke Engineering UK. He was born in Italy and has worked as scrum master and agile coach, project manager and software engineer in the sport and finance industries.


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