Care and collaboration: how the right agile outsourcing setup transformed the way care homes work

A 60 minute Case Study by:

Ric Hill


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About this Case Study

The agile textbooks and many of the leading agile case studies are based on the assumption of an internal team building software on an ongoing programme of product development. However, this is often not the situation in practice as many organisations choose to use a specialist development organisations to help realise their vision in a burst of activity.

In these circumstances many of the best practices can quickly break down due to the barriers of a traditional client/supplier relationship and due to the time-bound nature of procurement contracts.

In this session, Ric explores what issues may arise and how they can best be avoided, so that an outsourced development setup can deliver even better Agile-led results than an in-house team. Ric recently completed a project for Sanctuary Care, creating a revolutionary care management application that replaced mountains of paper with smartphones, and impacting the lives of thousands of carers and residents.

Like most major development projects, this was peppered with challenges around evolving requirements, business change and diverse stakeholders - exactly the elements that have given the IT industry a bad reputation for multiplying budgets and timescales in traditional development environments.

Ric looks at how he avoided many of those issues by establishing the right commercial and personal relationships early on, and how he not only avoided issues through these relationships but also maximised the benefits of the end result.

About the Speaker

Ric runs Ghyston (previously Softwire), a Bristol-based software company that works collaboratively with a wide range of business to make innovative technology solutions. Ric started his career as a technical project manager for the BBC, before joining Softwire as a developer and working his way through numerous roles including project manager, scrum master, programme manager, mentor, consultant, agile coach, general manager and now CEO of the Bristol spin-off. Throughout this winding path Ric has always held a fascination with how to get the best out of people, teams, projects and organisations, both in the short and long term.


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