Help your people, help your team

A 45 minute Workshop by:

Dan Beasley


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About this Workshop

Not everything that hinders or benefits a team's ability to deliver is obvious.

Drawing on experience and working with the room Dan Beasley (Defra) explores and discusses the things that may not be clear all the time. Focusing on people, he looks at some ideas and ways to bring these things out in your retrospectives or team discussions.

In this session Dan Beasley (Defra) offers some thoughts on how teams (agile or not) might look for improvements in ways they had not considered before, or reconsider the importance of such things.

The session will cover:

  • non-obvious blockers - motivation, happiness, conflict and morale
  • a workshop with the room
  • discussion and summary

Useful next steps include:

  • communities of practice to help motivation
  • opening up discussion about motivation so that the team helps its people
  • simple, small things to do to bring in more happiness or laughter to teams
  • a look at why a bit of conflict may be healthy

About the Speaker

Dan Beasley is an agile delivery manager and community of practice lead at Defra. Previous to this Dan spent years in testing and IT support, focusing on people and enabling teams to function and deliver. He likes old Transformers, is a successful channel relay swimmer and firmly believes people are not just the job they do.


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