Developers aren't machines

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Scott Fulton

Large Public Sector Organisation and Self Employed Consultant

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About this Case Study

Industrial-age thinking treats developers as “widget producers” and assumes that more equals better. This session by Scott Fulton explores the difficulties teams face when management treats them like production-line workers measured on volume, instead of problem solvers measured on value delivery.

Scott makes recommendations on how to overcome this mindset, and make teams as productive as possible.

Session topics include:

  • the importance of applying a modern agile mindset
  • how the business and product owner know they are getting value for money
  • how multiple brains are better than one
  • real-world examples of high team effectiveness
  • how more doesn’t always equal better

About the Speaker

Scott Fulton is a head of digital services with over 17 years' experience. He introduced agile scrum into a large, traditionally waterfall-based organisation and performs the role of product owner. He has led the transformation of the organisation's web channel, having driven up user satisfaction from 42% to 94% within six months. He has also recently been responsible for the introduction of an enterprise-scale collaborative Intranet. Scott is a huge agile advocate and regularly blogs and speaks on the subject, with a particular interest in how agile thinking applies to prioritisation and feeling overwhelmed, team welfare and organisational disruption. He has spoken at AitC previously, both in Bristol and Birmingham.


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