Forget what you know: remembering to iterate on agile itself

A 90 minute Hands-On by:

Sophie Freiermuth

Baguette UX

About this Hands-On

From the manifesto to shelves full of books, agile is embedded in practice and behaviours in many organisations, under the rallying war cry of "it is/we are agile", and sometimes "that's not agile!".

From recent work with teams in a transforming organisations, Sophie Freiermuth (Baguette UX) makes a case for all practitioners to regularly re-state the agile framework they really are working in, and the improvements and iterations they can explore at each stage of maturity.

In this workshop, intended for practitioners who are familiar with and working in agile, we'll explore agile frameworks and how you can invite their definition in your organisation. She will facilitate activities, leading you to reflect on your understanding and your agile practice, and to articulate, for your own benefit, your own narrative of agile evolution.

Designed to bring insights back into your organisation within your realm, this dynamic session will be an exercise in delineating frameworks that flex to the reality of your own practice as much as that of your organisation. Allowing time for exchanging and identifying patterns and outliers, this session will also enable you to meet those who have been where you are, those who are further on, and kick-start powerful, personal conversations.

Expect to stand up, move around, talk to other participants, explore the frustrations and boundaries of your remit within your role and organisation, and bring to the group your own view on agile.

Allowing you to capture thoughts with pen and paper, and embedding games and fun into the flow, Sophie creates a place of curiosity and learning that will be as rich as the participants' ability to be open, share and join in.

About the Speaker

Sophie Freiermuth is a user experience, agile and innovation consultant. In a a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and training, she skills up leaders and teams, focuses them on delivering success, and helps them re-frame their products, services and processes into a manageable practice. She also regularly takes on 'at the coalface' design jobs to keep her practice current and up to date.


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