Don't turn off the automated tests!

A 60 minute Tutorial by:

Lynne Johnson

Zuhlke Engineering Ltd

Lachezar Kozhuharov

Zuhlke Engineering Ltd

About this Tutorial

Some teams are really struggling with testing, and it’s affecting their ability to get stories done in a timely manner and with a high enough level of quality. This is because there is an unfortunate belief that testers test, programmers code, and the separation of the two disciplines is important.

Testing is an activity. Testers happen to be really good at it. We need testers on agile teams. But we need to stop doing mini waterfally sprints by throwing the stories over the wall to be tested in the sprint. If we want real agility, we need to see that completing testing as part of the sprint is the responsibility of the whole team, not just the testers. When teams see testing as part of developing a working solution, wonderful things can happen.

In the first half of this session, Lynne Johnson (Zuhlke Engineering) will lead a discussion about the "whole-team testing" mindset. She will ask some provocative questions that will get people talking and thinking about how we can create a better testing mindset within teams, so we produce better quality software. In the second half Lynne will discuss exploratory testing and how important it is to the agile development process.

Participants in this session will have a better understanding what "whole-team testing" is all about. They will be able to take this mindset back to their teams so they too can see that testing is a crucial part of developing a working solution.

About the Speakers

Lynne Johnson

Lynne Johnson heads the consultancy and web technologies competence unit at Zuhlke Engineering UK. She is also an agile coach. Born in Seattle Washington USA, Lynne was a model in Europe in the '80s, a fashion label owner and a hotelier. In the '90s she moved into software engineering in London - she's now an agile evangelist and self-proclaimed eco-warrior.


Lachezar Kozhuharov

Lachezar Kozhuharov is a senior software engineer at Zuhlke Engineering UK. Born and bred in Sofia, Bulgaria, Lachezar studied Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh. He then moved to London to work at a startup, and he has been developing software professionally and helping teams work better together since 2007.


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