Dirty tests

A 90 minute Hands-On by:

Willem van den Ende


Rob Westgeest


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The slides used for this session are available to download here.

About this Hands-On

Have some fun: Willem van den Ende (QWAN) wants to bring automated tests back from the brink of incomprehensibility and impending doom!

You have tests that are brittle, have complicated set-ups and are vulnerable to mistakes in opaque areas - at first sight, at least. Developers are reluctant to make changes, which makes the tests less relevant over time. We want to make our tests easier to handle, but where to start?

You’ll get some ‘production code’, with a challenge to make the tests (and possibly the code) more readable. We’ll reflect on what you’ve done, and give you some pointers to make tests easier to understand - and therefore to change, extend and reuse.

We’ll bring legacy Java and C# code bases for developers to work on (since the code is there already, it's not a big problem if you don’t program in Java or C# - pair programming will probably work well enough).

Please bring a laptop, or pair with someone who brought one.

This workshop is for developers who want to broaden their view on automated testing and test-driven development. Prerequisites: some experience in automated unit/integration/end-to-end testing.

About the Speakers

Willem van den Ende

Willem van den Ende is a consulting developer, always looking for better and more fun ways to develop software, and helping others do the same. Independent at livingsoftware.co.uk, partner in QWAN.


Rob Westgeest

Rob Westgeest is a developing consultant. After years of experience with object-oriented software development with UML, several development processes and project approaches as developer, trainer and project leader, Rob worked on his first XP project in 2000. He has supported projects and people in the application of agile practices, principles and values since then. He's made plenty of mistakes, so his teams don't have to.


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