The power of stories

A 45 minute Workshop by:

Tim Robinson


About this Workshop

This workshop is a snappy, lively and fun way to re-engage with user stories. There is nothing wrong with "as a... I want... so that", but the formulation has become robotic - as have the BDD acceptance criteria that come with them.

In this workshop Tim Robinson (Agilist) investigates what makes stories compelling, and how to leverage this natural tool in our everyday lives. He looks at the neuroscience of narrative and its power to share emotion, physical experiences and more to create alignment between people.

For millennia, mankind has sat around the campfire telling stories. The value of this is a natural way to learn and assimilate information. Today we aren't listening to stories teaching us where to find food in hard times, or how to avoid being eaten by sabre-toothed tigers, but how to satisfy customers and survive the competition.

Workshop themes include:

  • are user stories requirements?
  • why are stories powerful in conveying a message?
  • why is the written word ambiguous? (with some funny examples)
  • the neuroscience of transferring information between teller and listener
  • Tim's story (a tale of serving in the Gulf in the Royal Navy)
  • generating a story using story cubes (these are dice with simple pictures - participants will help to build a story based on the pictures)
  • what makes a great story?
  • how to write a great user story (not in depth, but applying some elements of what we've learnt)
  • using INVEST as a filter
  • a recap on the intent of the session

About the Speaker

Tom Robinson is an experienced agile coach specialising in scrum mastery, who was responsible for the Cisco SCTG transformation of over 15 teams and 300+ employees in multiple locations from waterfall to agile.

He coached and mentored scrum masters and product owners to improve their skills in embracing agile, and helped the leadership team understand their role in agile transition.

His technical background and QA experience provided the ability to support technical obstacles for teams. This resulted in him being awarded a patent for a new innovation in mobile phone signalling.

Tim now specialises in digital product delivery transformation - working with senior leaders, programmes, teams and individuals to help them build better products and improve competitive advantage.


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