Safely creating autonomy in the workplace

A 45 minute Tutorial by:

Jasper Sonnevelt


About this Tutorial

Balancing autonomy and alignment: if you're a manager you know it's easier said than done. How much autonomy do you give while still being in control? How much alignment do you create without being accused of being "old-school"?

In this session Jasper Sonnevelt (Leankit) talks about what's needed to create this balance in a safe way, and safely create a workplace where teams can be autonomous - without having to worry, as a manager, if they're working on the right things.

If you are a manager, this session might be interesting to help you keep your team engaged. You will learn how to move authority to where the information is (the team or your managers). We'll practice with translating business opportunities into a set of constraints solutions to that opportunity should adhere.

As a participant this session will teach you what to ask from your manager(s) so you can work autonomously. We will work out what the steps are from "my manager tells me what to do" to "act now, ask forgiveness later".

About the Speaker

Jasper Sonnevelt is an executive agile consultant and trainer. Jasper's main focus is on bringing effectiveness and responsiveness within an organisation using lean and agile principles. He has been a pioneer and advocate of using kanban systems and visual management for implementing a culture of continuous improvement and learning in organisations.

Jasper is also a Lean Kanban University kanban trainer and coach, and an active member of the agile community. Most recently Jasper has been active coaching organisations that apply lean and agile practices outside of IT. One of these is a racing team from TU Delft.


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