Why I broke the rules

A 45 minute Experience Report by:

Craig Livings

Product Spark

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About this Experience Report

Behind agile is an implicit set of rules and recommendations that go with the territory – best practices that coaches help organisations with every day to help them increase the amount of value they are delivering to their customers and validate assumptions faster.

So it’s probably surprising to hear that an agile coach is building a company where teams are intentionally distributed, tests are not run, stories are barely written down and user experience has been globally deprioritised, all in the name of building great software.

Join Craig for an exploration of his internal conflict when starting his own business and the rationale behind making decisions that go against the best practices he has advised clients on over the last 15 years.

About the Speaker

Craig is a director, mentor, consultant, speaker and trainer. He’s passionate about delivering amazing products ridiculously fast.

He’s worked with a large number of household names over the last 15 years, helping to bring order to chaos and delivering digital products faster. Recently he’s started a new venture, taking his professional experience to start Bristol’s first digital innovation studio – Product Spark.

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