Are you doing agile or being agile?

A 60 minute Keynote by:

Joanne Molesky


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About this Keynote

The difference between doing agile and being agile is significant. The first works by acquiring some knowledge and adopting different ways of working, but rarely changes the culture and outcomes for organisations.

The second involves a radical change in mindset about how we think about our work, interact with each other, organise ourselves and respond to changes. This is a far harder undertaking. Not only do we need the knowledge and skills, we also need the ability and means to recognise when to move along and try something different in the way we work.

Based on her experience working with agile delivery teams at different client sites and as a member of the leadership team for ThoughtWorks' IT department, Joanne will introduce concepts and mechanisms that you can use with your teams to help move closer to being agile. She'll cover how to perform low risk experiments that use measures and metrics to move you closer to delivering better value.

About the Speaker

Joanne works for ThoughtWorks, a global software delivery company that has been practicing and advocating Agile and Lean Delivery since the turn of the century.

Her experience in IT Governance, Risk and Compliance has allowed her to think and discuss Agile and Lean Software Delivery practices from a perspective that demonstrates the unique advantages they bring to risk reduction and improved overall governance for organizations.

Her current position at ThoughtWorks allows her to test, learn and improve technology delivery services, both internally within ThoughtWorks and with clients.

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