Crossing the river by feeling the stones

A 60 minute Keynote by:

Simon Wardley

Leading Edge Forum

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About this Keynote

We live in a competitive world. That competition forces change. It has always forced change.

Change is normal. The question is not whether our organisations will change - that’s a given - but can we see this change before it hits us, do we know where we’re heading or are we simply floating aimlessly being carried by a river? It certainly feels that way sometimes.

To answer the question we need to understand our landscape, the economic forces at play, the context we operate within and our situational awareness of this. Can we navigate the waters, can we see a storm coming, or are we being battered by rocks because we refuse to look?

During this keynote Simon Wardley (Leading Edge Forum) will examine situational awareness within business, why it matters, and whether we can anticipate and exploit change before it hits us. He will explore how we can manage our economic environment: “cross the river by feeling the stones”, as Chinese revolutionary Deng Xiaoping said.

About the Speaker

Simon Wardley is a researcher for Leading Edge Forum (LEF), a global research and thought leadership programme dedicated to helping large organisations reimagine their structure and leadership for a tech-driven future. Simon is also lead practitioner for LEF's Wardley Maps Advisory Service, which helps clients anticipate market and ecosystem developments so they know where to go and why.

Simon’s focus is on strategic play, both at an industrial and global level. He is the author of multiple reports, a pioneer in the use of topographical intelligence within business, a former executive and an advisory board member for several successful start-ups.


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