Retrospectives for distributed teams

A 60 minute Tutorial by:

John Barratt


About this Tutorial

We all know successful retrospectives are a key part of any successful agile team or in fact any Organisation for that matter, but most of the facilitation methods lend themselves to being face to face. During this interactive session I plan to go through some tips and tricks on how to make distributed retrospectives more engaging . We will also try out some of the free tools during the session.

The talk will cover the following aspects:

  • Distributed Teams - New or reinforced knowledge that relationships are the focus to creating a high performing team
  • Tools and Techniques - Several tools to experiment with along with a couple of techniques
  • Icebreakers - A new focus on early interaction in meetings and several experiments to try
  • Relationship Coaching - A coaching tool that helps teams review the relationships they have within the team
  • Real world - Examples of when and how these tools have been used in the past
  • By the end of this session you will have some new ideas to try with your distributed teams as well as a couple of simple icebreakers to help with increased collaboration and input. Longer term it will increase your confidence in what is possible even with a heavily distributed team

About the Speaker

John is a passionate coach who loves seeing teams grow mainly through Coaching with a heavy influence of Improv and learning through simulation. John has worked mainly in the financial sector in the last few years helping break down some of the frustrations when working in a heavily regulated and distributed environment, he can often be found at meetups around London looking for new ideas to try and experiment with. In his spare time, he has a love for Martial Arts achieving a black belt in two different styles as well as looking after his 3 amazing children.


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