The importance of being open

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Matt Jukes


About this Case Study

Someone once wrote "make things open: it makes things better" - but what does that actually mean for a product manager, and at what point does openness start to become product propaganda?

This session will primarily focus on how blogging in particular can be both a channel for team transparency but also organisational 'spin' (with examples of both). It will be told through the prism of my experiences in government and beyond.

I will point to good practice at a range of organisations and things to look out for when the tide is turning against openness. I'll make the case for why open makes things better and touch on how I was able to convince previously risk-averse, closed organisations to open up.

About the Speaker

Matt Jukes has spent the majority of his 15-year career managing digital teams for government and research institutions. Throughout that time he has operated at the forefront of internet-enabled change for his employers.

Since 2001 he has successfully introduced content management systems, social media and open-source technologies - and in recent years, an agile, user-centric approach to product development.


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