Outsourcing and agile: a how-to guide

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Louise Paling


About this Case Study

I have worked in an environment relying heavily on the use of additional resource via supply chain, external suppliers or outsourced teams for several years (the naming convention changes, but the purpose remains the same – gaining the ability to quickly expand and flex our development capacity). I've experienced several different types of supplier: some on-site sat with our teams, some off-site but in-country, some in Europe just an hour’s flight away, and some far-shore.

I'll use this experience in this session to provide a rule book for how to work with outsourced teams: some basic dos and don’ts of how to be successful. We'll also look at what happens when the rules are broken, and finally, some real world examples of where I did (and didn’t) follow my own rules.

The following questions will be explored:

  • how many meetings is too many?
  • are fixed price contracts necessary and can they work?
  • how can you build trust in a supplier/customer relationship?
  • how much travel does there need to be?

About the Speaker

Louise has worked in software delivery for 20 years, from her roots as a software engineer to management of delivery teams. She is experienced in introducing new ways of working to teams and in merging the seemingly disparate worlds of agile and traditional project management.

Louise has been involved in transforming software development capability from a waterfall-focused process to an agile development method and most recently towards a DevOps model.


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