The science of agile

A 60 minute Case Study by:

Adam Wright

Lombard Risk

About this Case Study

There is space for creativity and art within agile teams, but the underpinning principles are founded on science and engineering. The 3 greatest tools within an agile practitioner's toolbox should be:

  • the use of data and metrics to make decisions
  • the adoption of automation where applicable to let machines do what they're good at
  • a fanatical desire to share knowledge and better practice with others

Based on the past 20 years of growing agile teams from start-ups, through SMEs to major global plcs, this session shows how these 3 tools can be best used for establishing world-class development teams and a culture of true agility.

As a practical session, this will cover:

  • metrics for recruitment of agile teams
  • making work and workflow visible to all
  • building a culture of trust in technical experts
  • softer metrics for measuring "happiness"

About the Speaker

Adam Wright started his career at SRI International in Menlo Park, CA as a research analyst, before taking the plunge in the original dotcom boom and founding a start-up company, Konetic: the world's first global .NET recruitment platform.

After a tour in the corporate world running the development and business solutions teams at Interserve plc, Adam joined Black Pepper as Head of Solutions, delivering a diverse range of agile projects, from stock exchanges to iPhone apps. Black Pepper grew in size and reputation to be one of the best agile software delivery consultancies in the UK.

Adam then spent 3 years as CTO at Phoebus Software, a market-leading banking software company, before joining Lombard Risk as Head of Technology in their new cutting edge Birmingham Technology Centre.

Although not the only rocket scientist in the Lombard Risk team, Adam has degrees in physics and astrophysics and a masters in computing.


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