Continuous delivery to big brands

A 45 minute Case Study by:

Paul Boocock


About this Case Study

The ability to react and deliver working software quickly is a vital component to the way we work. Our clients run some of the biggest brands in the world, so how do we continuously deliver software whilst ensuring we keep our clients happy and our quality high?

This session will take you on a journey from a developer's mind to our customer's hands, from writing the first test to deploying your changes to a live environment using a variety of techniques and tools. We will investigate our various processes and how they have adapted as our needs have changed, as well as looking at the off the shelf and custom tooling we use. It's not all about the process, though - empowering our teams to continuously deliver is vital to everything working smoothly.

About the Speaker

Paul Boocock is the Academy Leader at Codeweavers, a leading finance technology specialist in the automotive industry. He focuses on staff development and learning across the entire business but with a particular focus on development. Prior to Codeweavers, Paul was a lecturer at Staffordshire University, teaching software engineering and computer games programming. He has always been a developer at heart and relishes the opportunity to teach others as well as still getting his hands dirty.


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