Changing lanes: agile at three speeds

A 45 minute Case Study by:

John Shaw

First Utility

About this Case Study

The last few years have seen a lot of change at First Utility. Scale has brought its challenges, with many organisation restructures on the way. This session presents a brief description of the journey the company has been on from an engineering perspective and a description of the current working practices. The session will then continue with a look at what works well, some of the challenges the engineering teams continue to face and some consideration of what might be next.

The current working practices have stabilised somewhat. There are 3 groups of teams: projects (large change), Cost to Serve (medium change) and Optimisations (small change). This session focuses on Optimisations, which has a range of products to work with, a variety of business stakeholders to serve and competing priorities between the requests. The team uses a few strategies to define these priorities, including the use of Planning Poker for relative business value!

Scrum has been in use for some time but some of the teams have decided to move to a kanban style of work management. The session also offers some comparison between these approaches.

About the Speaker

John is a software engineer with a keen interest in agile coaching and application lifecycle management. He was engaged in consultancy for many years but has recently moved into the energy supply sector.


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