Keeping code agile workshop

A 90 minute Workshop by:

David Legge

Independent Agile Developer & Consultant

John Shaw

First Utility

About this Workshop

Ever asked for a new feature and the team suck their teeth because of the code that needs changing? Ever come across a legacy codebase where you fear to tread? Ever encountered that sinking feeling where a shiny new greenfield codebase starts to feel less and less shiny new and more like a legacy one?

We know we don't like is legacy code, but what's the opposite? Too many developers end up in 'bracket wars' in the name of worshipping at the temple of a coding standard. Clean code is an essential concept, but like test coverage, could be overdone and for its own sake, so agile code implies stuff that's good to go, potentially shippable, and easy to change when required.

This workshop will get you exploring what both agile and legacy code look and feel like. We can then explore how you can tackle legacy code and how to get to agile code.

You will be asked to identify definite aims for a week, a month and a year's time.

About the Speakers

David Legge

David is an independent agile software consultant and committed clean coder based in Cambridge. He has worked in just about every role within software and across all manner of sectors - public, private, education, research - and from food to finance, and agriculture to IoT.


John Shaw

John is a software engineer with a keen interest in agile coaching and application lifecycle management. From a consultancy background, his experience is varied but always on large, difficult engagements. For the last few years, John has been applying agile practices in the public sector and has now moved to the energy sector.


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