03 - 04 November 2016
M Shed, Bristol, UK

Death by user stories

Jenny Martin Collaborate Solutions Ltd
Pete Buckney Co Made Ltd

Session type: Tutorial
Session duration: 90 minutes

About this Tutorial

In order to deliver business value as early as possible
As an overwhelmed cross-functional team member
I need 6589 disembodied user stories sitting in a backlog in Jira
Like I need a hole in the head.

Are user stories actually helpful?
Or are they doing us harm?
Have we wandered away from their intended use?

User stories are dangerous.

This tutorial will start by exploring the different ways that user stories can kill your project, and how to stay on the safe path to value using the OOPSI model. OOPSI is an outside-in process. You start with the outcomes (the value), and expertly navigate the quickest path to achieving those outcomes.

In this session we’ll walk through a detailed example of the OOPSI mapping technique and you’ll get to have a go yourself. We’ll show you how to structure your discovery activities so that you are always working on the right thing and can see the bigger picture. You might even be able to do this without writing a single user story. (But shhhhhhhhh……. don't tell anyone!)

About the Speakers

Jenny Martin

Jenny Martin is a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach specialising in agile delivery, quality improvement and innovation games.

Jenny believes that great teams are built on collaboration, shared responsibility and by embracing individuality and diversity.

She has 20 years experience across multiple platforms, tools and technologies in disciplines spanning the entire software development life-cycle and a demonstrable track record of delivering complex IT systems in the customer loyalty, retail and finance sectors

Jenny is a frequent speaker at Agile Testing and BDD events, and provides training in collaborative software development techniques and public speaking.


Pete Buckney

Pete is a founder director of Co Made and is passionate about using collaborative approaches to build software that changes businesses for the better.

He is an IT all-rounder, with 18 years' experience as a developer, business analyst, technical architect, project manager and trainer. He enjoys working hands-on to bring together business and technical functions to build the software the business needs.


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