03 - 04 November 2016
M Shed, Bristol, UK

Listen with your eyes

Helen Lisowski NewVoiceMedia

Session type: Tutorial
Session duration: 45 minutes

About this Tutorial

Non-verbal communication is sometimes referred to as body language, although it does include more than that. This session is designed to give you a gentle introduction to this field, help you recognise some common behaviours, and show you how to start using this knowledge every day.

This session will introduce you to some basic indicators that may:

  • mean the person you are talking to is feeling uncomfortable or shut down in the conversation
  • help you understand how confident the person speaking is about what they are saying
  • help you spot and diffuse an argument

It will not give you a tick list of behaviours that indicate lying or cheating!

We will cover a little bit about self-influencing behaviours, and influencing others using your own non-verbal signals (helping an interview candidate feel a little more relaxed, for example).

These skills are a starting point for a journey that could keep you engaged for the rest of your life, and enrich your interactions with people both at work and at home.

If part of your role includes communication with human beings, you need to know this stuff. What's exciting is just how much you probably already know....this session is about doing it on purpose.

About the Speaker

Helen Lisowski is an agile coach at NewVoiceMedia, where she has helped to transform the agile process. She has been involved in agile for well over a decade, working with organisations ranging from international corporations to startups, and everything in between.

Helen has been presenting, running workshops and writing for many years now. She blogs at FluidWorking.com and you can find her on Twitter at @helenlisowski.

Helen says her life is filled with questions about why we humans do what we do. Especially, why do we do things that are detrimental to ourselves? When she applies this curiosity and subsequent discoveries to her work with agile teams, she is forever astounded at the positive difference it makes.

She has an obsession with afternoon tea, so if you bump into her, say hi and join her for a brew.


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