03 - 04 November 2016
M Shed, Bristol, UK

It's (still) okay to be pragmatic!

James Harvey Agile Snap

Session type: Case Study
Session duration: 60 minutes

About this Case Study

Deciding to adopt an agile way of working is great! Being precious about the agile framework you decide to use is not. For one reason or another, since adopting agile, we’ve become a community of obsessive practitioners who seem unable to take a pragmatic approach to making project or process decisions.

Never has such a sense of entitlement been seen in project teams than in those who have recently converted to agile. 'Agile experts' have constantly told teams that to get any value, you take an all or nothing approach towards implementation. Belittling all previous process ideas, agile culture can sometimes be toxic and can turn the development team against the business if not properly facilitated.

In this session, we’ll explore how an agile transition is never an overnight job and that to succeed in any type of project delivery, pragmatism is still a vital ingredient. Having a vision to be better with agile is crucial, but so is an understanding that it will take time, it will be disruptive, and it should be pragmatic.

About the Speaker

Now a seasoned agile veteran, James has at some point over the past decade taken on almost every role within an agile project team. Managing director and certified agile trainer for Agile Snap, he is passionate about making people aware that agile does not just start and end with scrum.


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