03 - 04 November 2016
M Shed, Bristol, UK

The Lego Flow Game

Sal Freudenberg SalFreudenberg
Karl Scotland Availagility

Session type: Hands-On
Session duration: 90 minutes

About this Hands-On

The Lego Flow Game is an interactive game exploring the difference between a phased, time-boxed and flow-based system using Lego advent calendars.

The exercise is run (at least) 3 times using different approaches and the outputs are considered, both quantitavely and qualitatively.

The purpose of the exercise is not to prove one approach over another, but to explore the implications of these different choices.

About the Speakers

Sal Freudenberg

With more than 25 years' experience in the world of software development, Sal uniquely blends over 10 years of doing, coaching and teaching agile with her research into the psychology of programming. Most recently she has been speaking out to the tech industry on neurodiversity and how to support the different kinds of brains our industry needs.

Sal is also known for her well-received research on pair programming, sessions on cultural change, faciliation and building trust in agile teams (with Rachel Davies). She is co-creator (with Karl Scotland) of the Lego Flow Game. She is also a certified scrum trainer.


Karl Scotland

Karl Scotland helps businesses become learning organisations. Over the last 15 years he has been an advocate of Lean and Agile approaches to achieve this, working with companies including the BBC, Yahoo!, EMC Consulting, Rally Software and Cisco. During this time he has been a pioneer of using Kanban Systems and Strategy Deployment for product development, a founding member of both the Lean Systems Society and Limited WIP Society, as well as being a regular conference speaker. He was awarded the honorary Brickell Key Community Contribution Award at the 2013 Lean Kanban North America conference.


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